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Using the very latest custom built 3D motion tracking software we can comprehensively analyse your swing to identify underlying elements impacting upon your performance which cannot be seen by eye or video. Measuring your rotational and positional movement this advanced analysis can improve any players swing by helping your coach to understand cause and effect in the movements that you make when swinging the club.

3D analysis can help you and your coach to understand:

  • What is constraining your movement
  • Why you may be suffering soreness after playing
  • What you do when you hit the ball well
  • How to develop a programme for swing refinement
  • Why you may struggle with particular shots

Why 3D?

Using custom design hardware and software from Mark Bull Golf you will understand how you move and how this impacts upon your swing. Some of the benefits are:

Real time numbers Allows biofeedback to help you to understand and feel the changes that are trying to be made.
Incredible accuracy  Measurements to within 1° and 1mm accuracy.
Compare swings See what happens when you hit the ball well and what changes when the shot is not as solid. Review how you moved in previous sessions and track improvements.