Do you spend a lot of time on the range, short game area and putting green honing your skills  but find that it is difficult to improve your score when you get on the course? Does the following quote apply to you?

“He’s got a perfect swing but doesn’t know how to play the game”

(Anon European Tour Player)

We can work with you on how to take those developing skills that you have out on to the course improving your scoring. A key feature of this is strategy and knowing where to hit the ball based upon what you can do. Below you can see a simple target game that will allow you to start to develop the course reading skills that will enable you to know where the ‘miss’ is for any green giving you the best chance of getting down in two. This then feeds back into position off the tee and where you need to be to give yourself the best chance of being on target.

Green map image

For more advanced players we start to feed in pre round green maps and zero break lines on the green to further refine your developments. The best part of all is that all the on course practice games that we use are focused upon you and your golf. We set the targets based upon your current ability and you can benchmark yourself against players who shoot the lower scores that your aspire to.